From a 2nd place trophy on April 10, 1964 and a debut album on September 7, 2010, my passion remains and indeed intensifies with love for the soul of every individual who hears my music. My passion consists of the love of seeing a child enjoying a live rendition of a song or hearing an eighty year old great grandparent say, "I love listening to your music because....."

These instances only confirm that the years have been worth the effort and strengthen my resolve to create songs of joy, peace, love and decision by way of the gospel message that fills me. It is the message that God loves every soul that comes into being. It is the message that compels me to pray for all nations. It is the message that asks everyone to choose life that is above and beyond their highest expectations. It is music that will elevate your heart rate and humble your spirit. Most importantly, it is music with a message of love that cries out for the healing of our nations. I'm talking about a healing that is available to whosoever will call on the name of the Lord who is the Way, the Truth and the Life. His name is Jesus.

By His Grace I remain,

Preston Dunn

photo: jw at Keys
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